Complex Leadership Development Program

We offer our clients a customized, complex leadership development program with Gestalt-style coaching elements. As a result of the program, participants in the program will be able to lead successful teams as courageous, self-assured, empowered leaders, and make complex decisions as an authorized leader in the accelerated VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world.

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Business Coaching

Gestalt-oriented business coaching is mainly used by middle and senior executives.

During our meetings, our clients develop their competencies, professional identity, personality and leadership style independently, making it clear for themselves how they need to become more effective and successful in their self-knowledge and achievement of their goals.

By formulating individual motivations, finding a balance between individual and group interests, developing specific methods and strategies, we help our clients achieve their goals – using our personal senior management experience.

When should I contact a coach?

1. Questions about professional identity

One of the biggest workplace challenges is if you are expected to do something that doesn’t fit your personality, or you have either too much or too little experience and ability to solve that task. It is very important to assess how well the challenge matches the client’s personality. During our cooperation we work together to identify and take steps to achieve the desired goal.

2. Facing leadership challenges

Typically, an event like this could be the growth of a company and the associated increase in staff, a planned or even pending merger, an expansion in managerial responsibilities or even a foreign appointment. Involvement of the coach supports the participation in the talent program or the training of the leaders who are facing retreat.

3. Managing changes

We advise involving a coach when someone is about to start a foreign job, gets promoted to a higher position, has to work in a multicultural environment or moves from a smaller company to a multinational company, ladies return to work after maternity leave, or someone has to deal with group redundancies.

4. Career change

According to the latest trends, today’s young adults will work at 10-12 jobs until they retire, and sometimes, not only a company but also a profession, as part of a 3-4 year shift may be changed. Today, however, this practice is far from being routine in the labor market, and many are scared of experiencing signs of incitement and burnout. However – whichever the industry we are talking about – there is a solution to every problem.

Career Coaching

During the individual career coaching process, we discuss the client’s stoppages, raise awareness of the cause of the stoppage, clarify the next steps, define career goals, and develop self-awareness by focusing on the individual’s professional identity.

Team Coaching

Differences in views, conflicts, differences in vision, strategy between the owners of the organization or the members of the management are harmonized with team coaching. We generate a dialogue that creates a stronger, helping and effective management that works effectively as a team. This is one of the bases for the team to succeed in the long run.
The top managers are supported to be able to solve rapidly and continuously growing tasks, and thus effectively address the challenges of the VUCA world.


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